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Basic Collection Standards and Tips

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All trash should be bagged and placed in an outdoor garbage can with a lid and placed in front of your house at a curbside location easily visible from both directions of the road by 7am on the day of service.  BSW will generally place your empty container curbside with the lid on it when empty, but for wind, snow, safety or traffic reasons; they may position containers as workers determine to be in the best interest of others. Workers will clean up any mess they make during collection but will not be responsible for litter resulting from improperly contained trash including the effects of wind and animals  Please review all FAQ’s below , especially the section on unacceptable materials, and contact our office with any questions.

Where do I mail my payment to?

BSW, Inc.

P.O. Box 977

Brookneal, VA 24528


What are your holidays?  When will I be picked up in the event my scheduled pick up is on a holiday?

We only close 4 days per year: New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving and Christmas

In the event your pick up falls on a holiday you’ll always be picked up the following day.


When should I have my trash out?

If you live in the Madison Heights service area by 7:00 am on your scheduled service day, if you live the Forest or Campbell County, by 6:30 am on your scheduled service day.


If I’m using one of your Toters when will I receive it?

Generally your Toter will be delivered on your first day of scheduled service, in some cases it will arrive a day or two before your service day.


If I’m using my own trash cans how many can I put out?

2 to 3 standard sized cans are acceptable on a weekly basis


How will I be billed and what is the billing cycle?

You will pay in advance on a Quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual billing cycle determined at time of account setup. In the Madison Heights we bill yearly or twice a year, whichever you prefer, we bill June 1st and December 1st respectively. In Forest and Campbell County we bill Quarterly, June 1st, September 1st, December 1st, and March 1st 

What type of garbage can may I use?

Customers may use their own outdoor garbage can with a capacity of 40 gallons or less or request a BSW provided 96 Gallon rolling carts with a warranty as long as you are a BSW Customer. Our 96 gallon rolling carts will hold approximately 7 bags of household waste. 


Acceptable/Unacceptable Materials: 

Non-Hazardous household waste only.  No wet paint, tires, or solvents, refrigerants, or other household hazardous wastes as described in part by the Regional 2000 service authority Household Hazardous Waste Page 

Household Hazardous Waste can be properly disposed of at the Region 2000 landfill on special collection days available on the Region 2000 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Days & Electronic Recycling Page or by contacting Amherst County Landfill or your local solid waste department. 


Medical Needles

Needles and other sharp or contaminated objects should never be disposed of in the trash.  Please respect the safety of our workers.

Bulk Items

Large items or construction and remodeling debris that are beyond standard household garbage and will not fit in a trash can will require prior arrangement with our office to be collected and may incur a fee. Contact our office for a Bulk Pickup Request.

Yard waste 

We will collect bagged Yard waste and leaves up to 3 bags per week until the waste has been removed.  All sticks should be cut into 3’ lengths and bundled. 

Christmas trees?

One Christmas tree per year will be collected during the month of January. Please visit our service updates section of Customer Care for dates.



Current Landfill holidays are New Years Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.  It is BSW policy to service all holiday routes on the day immediately following a holiday.



Weather Related Service interruptions will be announced on our website and collection will resume the next day it is safe for our trucks to do so. 



If you know you’ll be out of town, we’ll temporarily suspend your service if you let us know in advance.  Just contact us with your suspend and resume date and we’ll accommodate your request.


Missed Pickups

We’re good, but we’re not always perfect.  If your trash was out by 7am and we happened to miss it contact us and we’ll compare it to our stops not out list, give you an explanation, and make it right the next day we’re in the area with no charge to you.

For additional questions, please feel free to contact us via the website, or

Call us: (434)237-8538 Toll Free: 1-800-399-2564

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