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Basic Collection Standards and Tips

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Commercial Trash Service Lynchburg


For optimium use of BSW's front load dumpsters and roll of containers, please review the following information.

For additional questions, please contact your BSW Customer Care and Sales representative. 


Please do not put the following items in roll-off containers: 


A. Whole tires – tires must be completely sliced through at least one time. 

B. Liquids - Example: milk, soft drinks, miscellaneous beverages, anti-freeze, oils, paint, or wet paint containers, etc. Paint containers must be completely dried out prior to being put in roll off container. 

C. Batteries from vehicles, boats or farm equipment. 

D. Dead Animals. 

E. Drums – metal, plastic or fiberboard. 

F. Hazardous waste or materials including pesticides, poisons, etc. 

G. Computer monitors and TV’s (picture tubes must be removed first), etc. 

H. Compressors and freon must be removed from refrigerators, freezers and air 

conditioners before being put into any landfill. 

I. Florescent light bulbs. 

J. Petroleum contaminated soils. Please contact your customer care representative for additional information. 



Weight in the roll-off container is not to exceed 10 tons. The customer is responsible for all overweight tickets. 

The contents of a roll-off container must be at or below the height of the container. This is necessary to ensure that the driver can safely cover and tarp the load. It also helps prevent spillage during the loading process of the container. The driver is not responsible for cleaning up spillage from overflow.  

BSW Waste Management Solution employees make every effort to place the container in the best location at the job site. However, the drivers must be allowed to make the final judgment call of container placement due to safety concerns, such as low hanging wires, trees, curbs, septic systems, etc. Containers should be placed on level, solid ground and not near septic tanks.  

Customers are asked not to relocate BSW's containers on a job site. Our drivers will be happy to relocate a container for a customer: however, normal haul rates will apply. Visit our Commercial Service Request page, and fill out our simple form for fast service. The customer is responsible for any damage or abuse to BSW Waste Management Solution's containers. 

The weight of the roll-off truck or the containers may cause damage to pavement or concrete during the loading or unloading process. BSW Waste Management is not responsible for damage to the pavement, concrete, etc. Standard haul rate applies for service trips to the site even if container cannot be serviced due to inclement weather conditions or being overfilled. A return haul rate will apply when we are notified container and/or site is ready for service.  

Due to the design of the containers, containers are not completely leak proof. Please be aware of small trash that could slip through cracks of rear door. It is best to use bags to contain all loose trash.  

Please fill out our Commercial Request Form or call our dispatch office at (434) 237-8538 to schedule service. 

We will make every attempt to provide a 24 hour response to service calls. We take our service calls on a first come, first serve basis. We recommend you call customer care before your container is completely full, to allow time for scheduling.


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