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General Recycle Easy FAQ’s

1 ) So is it BSW or RecycleEasy?   RecycleEasy is the commingled recycling arm of the BSW brand, so while RecycleEasy is the official title of this service, we’ll answer to both! No more fumbling with multiple recycling sort bins in the kitchen or garage. No more wondering what to do with glass. No more lugging material in the car only to find the public area collection point full or contaminated. Just toss your recyclables in the RecycleEasy bin, and put it at the curb just like your trash!

2.  Do I have to Sort material?

Either it’s recyclable or it’s not.  If it’s a commonly recyclable product (see what we accept) then just rinse it and toss it in the collection container, no sorting of plastic, glass and paper needed! We have information about where to take other recyclable items beyond what we accept see our Resources Page

3.     What time do I need to have my recycling curbside?

By 7am on the scheduled day of collection, we try to maintain a consistent schedule however things happen and if we’re running late just leave your material curbside and we’ll get to it ASAP

4.     I just signed up, now what?

You will receive your 96 gallon cart by the first scheduled pickup date, refer to our posted pick up schedule for your route, our welcome packet you will receive by mail (hopefully email), or contact us

5.     Sometimes I forget my schedule, why don’t you just come every week?

The original Lynchburg pilot that used 20 gallon bins, and the subsequent studies we have done, have shown that collection in 96 gallon carts provide more than enough storage for an average household to make it more than 2.5 weeks between pickups.  Less trips to your house means less carbon emissions, less tires used, less waste.  It’s the best way we found to REDUCE, reuse and Recycle.  If you need more capacity contact us for more information.

6.    How can I get more involved?

"Like" and follow our RecycleEasy FACEBOOK page for current news, Nature service opportunities, Promotions including referral programs, and additional updates on goals reached to date. 

7.    How does it get sorted?

Your material gets transported to a Sonoco Recycling MRF (materials recovery facility) where it gets sorted for recycling. Watch This Sonoco Sort Line (   receives and transports your recyclable material to a multi-million dollar sort facility that separates each material into usable commodities, efficiently recovering material with above 95% efficiency

8.    Does my RecycleEasy material ever go to the Landfill?

100% of material collected by RecycleEasy that can go to the recycling facility does go to the recycling facility and is diverted from landfills.  On an exceedingly rare and unpredictable occasion, a load can become unacceptable to the facility. Our commitment to our environment and our customer is everything and you can count on us to deliver your material to our partner Sonoco Recycling who constantly evaluates markets and technology to even further improve their greater than 95% recovery rate and help us fulfill our mission.   

For additional questions, please feel free to contact us via the website, or

Call us: (434)237-8538 Toll Free: 1-800-399-2564

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